Andrew Eberbach, Director of Technology

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Andrew Eberbach, Gazoo Mobile

Andrew manages the mobile-to-backend integration, ensuring applications are secure and reliable. Andrew has led the delivery of server-side mobile solutions for clients such as Rolls-Royce and FlightSafety International. Solutions Andrew has architected include a dynamic multi-version document management system that integrated with the client’s external cloud providers and the client’s internal enterprise authentication systems, and a backend CRM system that exposed a RESTful web-service endpoint for iOS clients.

Prior to Gazoo Mobile, Andrew held technology positions at Sun Microsystems, Corel, IBM and at various technology startups. He was a nominated Apache and Eclipse committer and is an active contributor in the open-source software community. Andrew has a Bachelor’s of Mathematics (Computer Science) from University of Waterloo. When Andrew isn’t working, he is sharpening his musical skills on piano and guitar, and traveling the world.

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