Weight and Balance

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Quickly and easily perform complex weight and balance calculations prior to every flight. Print, save or email results for record keeping.

Improve flight safety by ensuring the aircraft is within the center of gravity and weight limits before every flight. Using an intuitive interface, pilots can create new aircraft configurations or retrieve existing configurations based on serial or tail number. All center of gravity charts, weight reports and performance outputs can be stored or printed as part of flight log books for future reference.

Product Highlights

Perform fast, reliable calculations
Quickly produce CG graphs and weight summaries including ramp, takeoff and landing weights to ensure the aircraft is within the allowable center of gravity and weight ranges. Eliminate pen and paper calculation errors.

Manage user permissions
Maintain user and aircraft permissions from a central admin portal and ensure only authorized users can access the application’s functionality.

Seamless receive aircraft profile updates
Updates to aircraft profiles are synchronized over-the-air to authorized devices around the world, ensuring weight and balance calculations always use the most up-to-date aircraft parameters.

Perform calculations anytime, anywhere
Once the weight and balance application is downloaded to the mobile device, pilots can perform calculations anywhere, anytime, even without data or WiFi connection.

Configure aircrafts
Create and save internal seating, cargo, luggage and arrangements, or retrieve existing aircraft configurations based on serial or tail number. Access multiple aircraft models with one installation of the app.

Input weights and locations
Enter inputs for passenger, crew and cargo weights and locations (arms), fuel weights, fuel reserves and more.

Keep digital and print records
Maintain logbooks of weight and balance reports in print or digital formats. Save, print or email aircraft weight and balance reports and centre of gravity graphs for every flight.

Create revenue opportunities
Offer the weight and balance mobile application as a value-added service to operators and customers, or bundle the application with electronic flight manuals as part of a paperless cockpit solution.

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