Aircraft Flight Manuals

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Give pilots access to the lastest aircraft operating procedures and checklists at all times, both on the ground and in the cockpit.

Stay at the forefront of paperless cockpit solutions with electronic flight manuals from Gazoo Mobile. Pilots receive notifications on their tablets whenever manuals are updated and over-the-air synchronization ensure they always fly with the latest aircraft procedures. Pilots no longer need to labor over swapping old pages for new ones, and companies save on paper, distribution and time. Intelligent hyperlinks, table of contents, indexes and bookmarks allow pilots to intuitively navigate through complex procedures and documents.


Product Highlights

Update once, publish everywhere
Pilots are automatically notified of document changes and over-the-air updates ensure updates are synchronized to all authorized devices around the world.

Subscription and user management
Manage documents and user permissions from a central admin portal. Create document sets and assign subscriptions to individuals or groups. Built-in analytics track how many users have downloaded updates.

Security and authentication
App authentication ensure only approved users can view documents. Remote wipe content on compromised devices.

Server-side integration
Smoothly integrate with current enterprise systems such as enterprise content management (ECM) systems or use Gazoo Mobile’s proprietary back-end solution.

Improve workflow, reduce costs
Streamline the technical publications workflow by reducing labour and overhead costs associated with printing, storing and distributing paper manuals.

Advanced hyperlinks
Intelligent hyperlinks enable intuitive navigation within individual documents and across entire suites of documents with links, table of contents and document indexes.

Enhanced navigation
Bookmarks, favourites, forward and back, recent history and search allow pilots navigate to critical procedures quickly and effortlessly.

Create new revenue streams
Unlock revenue opportunities by offering value-added subscriptions to operators, clients and pilots.

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