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Deliver compelling sales presentations and proposals in the field with your tablet device. Access the most current corporate marketing materials, videos, pricing and technical information.

Using mobile technology, salespeople can now spend less time on administrative tasks and more time with existing and prospective customers, while companies spend less money on printing materials, mailing and delivery costs. Showcase products through media-rich and interactive presentations, and over-the-air synchronization ensures your entire salesforce has the latest sales materials, price lists and contracts at their finger tips.


Product Highlights

Boost salesforce productivity
Create more time for selling and interacting with prospective clients by reducing administrative tasks like managing paper documents.

Update once, publish everywhere
Upload marketing materials to a central portal and over-the-air updates automatically synchronize presentations, videos, and documents to authorized mobile devices around the world.

Manage and distribute content
Manage all documents and user permissions centrally. Create bundles of sales materials by division, territory or product and assign document sets to teams or individuals.

Work online, and offline
Once documents are downloaded to a mobile device, sales staff can access the materials anywhere, anytime, even without data or WiFi connections while on the field.

Decrease print expenses
Streamline the content management workflow. Reduce labour, print, storage and distribution costs associated with paper presentations.

Deliver impactful presentations
Render existing corporate sales toolkits to mobile devices, or create new presentations using our templates. All standard files formats are supported including PDFs, videos, graphics, audio, HTML and more.

Personalize presentations
Tailor sales presentations to specific audiences by uploading custom documents and media, or by appending information to standard presentations.

Secure propriety documents
Ensure only approved users view proprietary business content on mobile devices using our built-in authentication module. Set restrictions on which files can be emailed or shared.

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