Mobile Solutions for Aerospace

Gazoo Mobile has extensive experience developing and deploying enterprise mobile applications in the aerospace industry for flight operations, aviation training, technical publications, sales and product support.

Our proprietary mobile applications allows the aerospace industry to take access data anywhere, anytime for flight operations, flight training, and maintenance and repair. Gazoo Mobile apps are used by market leaders including FlightSafety International and Rolls-Royce for electronic flight bags, flight manuals, courseware, aircraft performance, and engine support.

Who Uses Gazoo Mobile Applications?
FlightSafety - Gazoo Mobile ClientFlightSafety - Gazoo Mobile Client

Electronic Flight Manuals

Access the most up-to-date critical aircraft operating procedures at all times.

Using our content management portal, updates to flight manuals are synchronized to authorized mobile devices around the world, ensuring pilots fly with the latest aircraft profiles at all times. Advanced hyperlinks, indexes and bookmarks facilitate seamless navigation within documents and across suites of manuals. Read about Electronic Flight Manuals →

Technical Publications

Improve the workflow for technical publications and field service staff.

Lighten the load for document users and reduce the print cost for paper manuals. Quickly navigate documents with hyperlinks, indexes, search, bookmarks and history. Manage file and permissions from a central portal, and automatically synchronize publication updates to authorized devices. Render technical drawings, presentations, documents, videos, images and sounds.Read about the Tech Pubs mobile app →

Training and Courseware

Reduce print and distribution costs for training manuals, while enhancing the learning experience.

Create sets of training manuals and assign subscriptions to registered students. Updates to documents are published over-the-air to authorized devices. The built-in annotation system allows students to highlight and mark-up training documents, while the notebook features lets students take notes from reference manuals.Read about the Training and Courseware app →

Mobile Sales Toolkit

Deliver compelling and consistent sales presentations in the field using tablet technology.

Connect your salesforce with the latest corporate presentations, quotes and contracts using over-the-air synchronization between enterprise servers and mobile devices. Set document permissions by division or product to ensure only authorized users view proprietary enterprise content. The Toolkit beautifully renders documents, videos, images and supports user interactivity.Read about the Mobile Sales Toolkit app →

Service Locator

Find authorized service providers from anywhere in the the world.

Allow customers to locate authorized service providers and corporate care offices, from anywhere around the world, using interactive maps and directories. Email or call a service location or contact person from within the application, and get directions using Google Maps to any office from the customer’s current location.

What Aerospace Clients Say About Gazoo Mobile

“Gazoo Mobile is an ideal mobile partner. Their team is very flexible, responsive, and capable. They have worked very well with our marketing and IT teams, and have helped us through two complex iPad projects so far. We look forward to a continued successful relationship.”

Aerospace Clients and Case Studies

FlightSafety - GazooMobile Client

Rolls-Royce - GazooMobile Client

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