Gazoo Mobile Enterprise Reader

The Gazoo Mobile Enterprise Reader enables businesses to render and display PDF and digital content to mobile devices easily, efficiently and securely.

Performance, reliability and server-side integration makes the Gazoo Mobile Enterprise Reader an ideal choice for businesses who are ready to extend their enterprise content to mobile.

The Mobile Enterprise Reader goes beyond merely displaying content. The application is equipped with enhanced navigation, ability to execute text searches, highlight, bookmark pages, and even take and export notes. It enables fast hyperlinking between documents and supports multiple PDF annotation standards. The Enterprise Reader was designed with the end-user in mind, and as such is highly intuitive.

The ability to integrate with existing business and enterprise systems is a key feature for the Enterprise Reader. The application’s underlying technology has been developed in-house at our Toronto, Canada headquarters using the latest technology and techniques.

Mobile Enterprise Reader Clients Gulfstream - GazooMobile Client
FlightSafety - GazooMobile Client

Key Benefits

For the Business
  • Add top-line revenue by offering content subscriptions to the client base.
  • Decrease bottom-line costs by improving workflow and productivity by managing material, labour and overhead costs associated with managing, storing and document distribution.
  • Demonstrate innovation leadership and operational excellence in content management and distribution.
For Content Managers
  • Eliminate content overhead related to printing and delivery with digital distribution and over-the-air document updates.
  • Streamline the content distribution process by removing the tedious task of manually inserting and removing out-dated pages.
  • Efficiently and securely manage content via a centralized admin console.
For Document Users
  • Focus on business objectives without the burden of carrying heavy manuals and inserting/removing document pages when content is updated.
  • Engage with interactive content such as video, sound, document navigation for an improved learning or user experience.
  • Navigate to critical content quickly without flipping through thick manuals. Make decisions confidently from having access to the most up-to-date information.

Product Features

Annotation system – text highlighting, underlining, pen tool, freehand drawing, lines, circling, text annotations

Enhanced Navigation – “browser-style” history tracking with back and forward navigation, recent history, user bookmarks, text search, ability to open other PDFs within the Reader

Document linking – table of contents, hyperlinks to pages within document, hyperlinks to other PDF documents, recognition of web and email links

Note taking – notebook feature to copy and paste text from PDF documents, option to export user notes as a text file or to email

Night-time display – access to brightness/contrast controls within the application to accommodate special working environments without affecting other applications

Multimedia support – support for embedded graphics, videos, sound and user interactivity

Over-the-air notifications, updates – automatic user notifications of document updates, one-click document syncing with enterprise server

Security and authentication – server-side user authentication using OAuth, administrator ability to lock-down application or delete content on lost devices

Modularity – configuration and pricing based on application features selected

Relevant clients

Gulfstream - GazooMobile Client

FlightSafety - GazooMobile Client

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